Aryavart-Corporation-InternatioalWhenever you come across a young lad perusing science with mathematics, commonly called non-medical, you will realize more than 80% of them want to do engineering. Thefirst choice of all these aspiring engineers is, obviously, IIT. At Aryavart Corporation, our goal is to help the rest of this young generation, the ones who want to join the amazing world of merchant navy.

We like to inspire young aspirants to think beyond IIT, think beyond engineering; think beyond a desk job.

Merchant navy is a career that brings you to the heart of the sea. This is a job where your guts, your courage, and your skills are put to test round the clock. A world where the life puts you towards great career, amazing opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, all ethnicities, and all cultures.

We all have a cousin, a brother’s friend, or some other relative, or a family friend who is in merchant navy. If you ever got a chance t talk to them, you surely would have noticed how cool people they are! Their stories, their persona; the confidence they ooze in their personality. It all comes with experience.

And the best part is they don’t have to work all around the year. They don’t have to sit behind a desk and do the mundane stuff. A merchant navy officer gets the chance to take control of the ship, face the odds of unpredictable weather and stand by his crew in thick and thin.

Merchant navy teaches you discipline, it teaches you patience. It inculcates skills such as leadership, to take control when needed to, to make you realize when it is the time to take a step back and let a more experienced person take charge. Being in Merchant navy teaches you to think of the team first, and then about yourself. You learn how to put your ego behind all this and work as a team.

And now, let’s talk about the elephant in the house, the lu
crative salary. O yeah, that gets everyone drooling. After, who minds earning a good amount of money when they also get to travel to a lot of places?

If you are also willing to live a life full of adventures and learn something new every day, then come, join hands with the Aryavart Corporation. We will prepare you with the required skills to look at the shore and say, “See you after some time buddy” and then look at the horizon and say “majestic waves, here I come.”